REACH is the EU legislation: Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals Regulation, which seeks to improve human health and environmental protection. It is applicable to virtually all substances (or chemicals), which are used within the EU.
It requires manufacturers or importers of substances to:
• establish the health and environmental effects of the substances they manufacture or market;
• assess the risks to health and to the environment of every use;
• decide the risk management measures needed to ensure the use is safe;
• communicate this information to each user of the substance.
Anstey Wallpaper Co Ltd is a manufacturer of high quality wallcoverings, distributing throughout the world. It recognises its responsibilities towards all environmental issues and REACH is included within the scope of its total environmental management.
We are also an active member of The British Coatings Federation (BCF), our industry association, which has been actively following and monitoring the development of the REACH Regulation since it was first proposed. Anstey is not a manufacturer or importer, but uses chemicals in the manufacture and processing of its wallcoverings.
REACH imposes a number of obligations on each downstream user of a substance that is subject to it. Our company represents only one step in the supply chain and companies both upstream and downstream of us each have specific obligations under REACH.
We are very much aware of the duties and responsibilities that apply to our business. We have already taken action and are currently up-to-date within the timeline framework as REACH develops and as the various provisions of the legislation take effect. We maintain a high level of contact with our suppliers to ensure all relevant information is prepared and regularly reviewed under all aspects of REACH legislation, together with additional technical management and support.
As part of our planning for REACH, we have appointed a company REACH co-coordinator, to whom all enquiries should be directed in the first instance. Please contact: David Sangwine on 01509 225225, or email: 
None of the raw materials used in the manufacture of your products meets the criteria for classification as a substance of very high concern.
Although our products are not substances, we do provide Material Safety Data Sheets for the three main substrates used in supply to our customers. These are available on request.