New 8 Colour Rotary/Gravure Hybrid Print Machine

The most recent Printing addition to our factory takes the form of a brand new, state of the art Rotary/Gravure Hybrid printing machine!

British made and capable of printing upto 8 colours in any permutation of Rotary Screens and Gravure Cylinders, this revolutionary new machine brings previously unavailable product combinations and design features to our customers.

Using water based inks, the machine can produce standard domestic, or wide width product and also features an "Infinity" repeat feature allowing unparalleled design flexibility.

The slideshow above has images that track the project from clearing a space for the new installation through to final commissioning.

Below is an except from one of the original press releases.


Anstey Wallpaper Company has recently undertaken a £2 million capital investment program, aimed primarily at broadening the company’s product offer, but with the added benefit of improving its customer service levels.

The major part of the investment was the replacement of a five-colour rotary screen printer with a new, custom-built eight-colour rotary screen/gravure hybrid print press. This has been specially commissioned from British company Emerson & Renwick, widely acknowledged as a market leader in the supply of machinery for wallcoverings manufacture. Built and rigorously tested at Emerson’s factory in Accrington, Lancashire, the new machine has been tailored to meet the specific requirements of the Anstey business; it has independently driven print heads for multiple changeovers, an extended range of repeat sizes and substrate widths as well as total interchangeability between rotary and gravure on each print station using a water-based ink system. The specification also includes Emerson’s patented Infinity screen-printing unit system, which allows the printing of very large-scale designs.

The benefits of the new machine are manifold both in terms of flexibility and functionality: it will enable Anstey to print rotary designs with more colours; offer a wider range of special effects and substrates, including vinyl; combine rotary and gravure as a single print process and increase capacity, which in turn will result in a significant reduction in delivery lead times.

In addition, the new machine will enable customers to add extra enhancements and embellishments to their wallcovering designs by printing with ‘gritter’ particles or on embossed vinyl to add texture and depth and by using large particle metallic, glitter and other light reflective effects.

Furthermore, its revolutionary design means that screen/cylinder circumference is no longer such a limitation, with each print station being driven by an independent electronically controlled unit. Its dual print head configuration means it can combine all the advantages of gravure printing, such as fine tonal work, with the benefits of rotary screen printing using ‘gritter’ inks or water-based relief pastes to add texture.

The existing five-colour rotary screen printer was decommissioned during the summer and, after an eight week installation process, the new machine was successfully commissioned in August 2013.