Building greener lifestyles starts with the selection of products that are made in environmentally friendly ways from environmentally friendly processes. Environmental management is a growing sphere of activity within the organisation.

As we collectively become more aware of our environmental responsibilities, the burden falls upon manufacturing and supply to develop strategies of continuous improvement.

Continuous improvement in energy management and investment in new, more energy efficient plant and equipment is maintained to reduce environmental
impact and processing losses. Dedicated teams act towards continuous waste reduction in lean manufacturing techniques.


Wallcoverings are derived from natural materials, are sourced from sustainable materials, have a long lifecycle and can be recycled, decorated over, or disposed of safely with most being fully biodegradable.

During the manufacturing and printing process, materials are reused, recycled to reduce environmental impact, energy costs and processing costs. Non-toxic materials go into their manufacture and colouration. A waste water plant recycles used water-based inks and returns clean water to the recycle chain. Solvent-based ink waste is recycled and volatile organic compound emissions are processed to ensure environmental compliance is maintained.


  Our paper suppliers have long been in the business of
 sustainability. For forest owners there is an in-built necessity
 to replant to ensure supply is maintained  over 
a 20 year
 growing cycle. Modern timber logging techniques and
 management systems ensure that only selected trees are
 felled allowing biodiversity to be maintained. Timber is
 sourced from northern softwood forests accredited to
 ISO 9001, together with the EU Timber Regulations.