Design Studio

Our design studio team are skilled in research, interpretation, reproduction and colouration and can provide a comprehensive service covering:


  • the provision of range concepts
  • the creation and/or sourcing of designs to brief
  • speculative and conceptual developments
  • styling
  • artwork separation
  • management of the engraving and production processes
  • colour palette development
  • overseeing production striking


CAD Suite

Complementing the traditional studio facilities, Anstey has a full Apple Mac-based Computer Aided Design Suite.

In conjunction with our outside engravers, the CAD system is used primarily for the review and development of technical separations, prior to engraving.

It can also be used as an independent design development tool, allowing collections to be styled, design layouts to be visualised, artwork separations to be formatted and coloured prior to engraving and/or ‘wet proofing’.

Product Development

The Design Studio works closely with the Technical Department to develop and prove innovative effects, whether by the introduction of new inks or substrates, or thorough machine trialing.