Proofing is a creative stage where experimentation, as well as trialling colourways prior to production, is actively encouraged.  We have a wide range of proofing facilities managed by highly skilled colourists, where designs can be replicated by machine, CAD or by hand.

Gravure and flexographic designs are machine proofed, on a proofing press.  We use the same cylinders that will ultimately be used in bulk production, on the production substrates, using production inks therefore giving a very close representation of what can be achieved as an end result.

The mini-screen facility is used to replicate rotary, hand screen-printed and surface printed products.  Again by using the same substrates and inks that will be used in production, the customer gets a good idea of what can be achieved and how colourways will look prior to final selection and production.

Anstey also has a large cylinder bank of textures and stripes.  These can be mixed together to create unique effects and proofed in combination with either each other, or, with new cylinders.


Our experienced designers can advise on traditional and contemporary colour trends.

There is a customer room attached to the studio, should a customer wish to be on site during all or part of the colour development process.  Alternatively, our designers are happy to match any colour reference supplied, either by cylinder proofing, or by mini screen-printing, and to supply the ensuing colourations for approval via courier service.

The Studio and Proof Press pride themselves on their continual endeavours to improve the correlation of machine proofs or mini-screened samples to that of the corresponding production processes and can supply accurate pre-production colour samples.