Not only are we the largest contract wallcovering printer in the United Kingdom but we also have the broadest machine profile in Europe, backed by all the necessary design and technical expertise required to allow us to offer a unique and unparalleled combination of printing permutations on a wide variety of substrates.

Our capabilities include combinations of surface, surflex, rotary screen, flexographic, gravure, digital, long table, flat-screen, vacuum screen and hand block-printing on to paper, non-woven, vinyl and specialist substrates - all with superb quality and service as standard.

We can accommodate print runs from as little as 150 rolls on machine processes, 50 rolls on digital and 6 rolls on hand-printed product. We print primarily at 52cm (20.5 inches) which is ‘standard’ width for domestic wallpaper. However we also have extensive facilities to print ‘wide’ width at 68cm (27 inches) and 76cm (30 inches) on rotary and long table.

We can also produce specialist ultra wide width wallpaper product at 135cm wide (53 inches) on our long tables, or on our digital machines, to produce stunning designs that can utilise such an huge scale.

We have also invested in cutting edge Scattering technology and can supplement designs printed using our main print processes with a variety of scattered particles, in full register with the underlying design, to create uniquely textured or enhanced wallcoverings.

We have produced a short video explaining our capabilities and processes in more detail click