Breadth of Product Offering

Through a total of 19 individual print machines, we cover virtually the full spectrum of printing technologies - old and new alike - and can therefore satisfy any "look" you may require. We can also use combinations of these processes to create unique product offerings that are are simply not available elsewhere.

Although we primarily print standard domestic width 52cm (20.5”) and wide width 68cm (27”) wallcoverings, we also have the capability to print specialist extra wide 76cm (30”) and ultra wide up to 135cm (53”) products.

A brief introduction to our main capabilities is given below, and you can download a more detailed guide to many of the processes individually as a .pdf file from the relevant section below, or as a full guide from the end of this page. The guides will open in new windows.

Surface and Surflex printing

We have one surface print machine offering in-line airknife grounding plus up to twelve additional Surface Printed colours for standard width wallpapers.

We also have one Surflex printing machine offering in-line airknife grounding plus up to three additional Flexographic Printing colours and six Surface Printed colours for standard width wallcoverings.

Download our Surface & Surflex .pdf printing guide

Flexographic printing

We have three flexographic print machines.

Two machines offer up to six colours using either solvent or water based inks on both standard and wide width wallpapers. 

One other machine solely uses water based inks and offers up to six flexo colours together with an inline Gravure station as well as an additional lacquer station. This machine is used for standard width wallcoverings.

Download our Flexographic .pdf printing guide

Gravure printing

We have three Gravure print machines, each offering up to eight colours (including ground) for both standard and wide width wallcoverings.

Download our Gravure .pdf printing guide

Rotary/Gravure Hybrid

We also have a new (2013) state of the art Rotary/Gravure Hybrid machine capable of printing combinations of Rotary and Gravure cylinders in any order upto a maximum of 8 colours.

All 8 colours can be Rotary or they can all be Gravure of course, but the abilty to combine these two print technologies and looks within the same design offers unique design oportunities.

The machine is also able to produce variable length pattern repeats using an "infinity" printing system.

The machine is completely water based and so can be used to satisfy Green requirements.

Rotary Screen printing

We also have a single station Rotary only machine offering the application of specialist high glosses and texture foams, in register with designs printed on other processes.

Download our Rotary Screen .pdf printing guide

Digital Print

We have four digital print machines, housed in a state of the art dedicated digital print room. 

Offering wide and super wide digitally printed product, with exceptional print quality on the 4 wide width digital printers, together with standard wide and conventional domestic width digital product we can satisfy any digital wallpaper need.

Our highly skilled and experienced digital design studio can assist in producing genuinely print ready digital files to make the most of customers designs, using the latest software and technology, and sets our capabilities apart from most other digital printers.

We are also have two digital proofing machines which correlate to the high speed machines and allow us to provide even better support at the design developement stage.

Flat Screen printing

We have two 33 metre flat bed screen printing tables, both fitted with automatic printing carriages, offering an unlimited number of colours at standard, wide and extra wide widths. We also have one continuous vacuum bed screen print machine for standard width wallcoverings.

Download our Flat Screen .pdf printing guide

Hand Block printing

We have two full hand block printing lines for standard width wallpapers.

Download our Hand Block Print .pdf printing guide



We have a high tech scattering line, offering the precise scattering of various particles onto an adhered substrate with excellent distribution patterns and high levels of adhesion.

This process can be tightly registered to an underlying design printed via one or more of the machine print processes listed above.  Available in both standard and wide width.

Converting machinery

We have high speed paper converting lines, incorporating Futec quality scanners to identify and remove any product faults, backed up by visual inspection and control. We also have one high speed in-register hot emboss machine, again incorporating Futec quality scanner for both standard and wide width product.

Unrestricted Design Freedom

All of the above print processes have their own particular "look", and it is the huge selection of processes available at Anstey that gives us the unequalled ability to offer exactly the right process, or combination of processes, for any given design.

Because we are not restricted to just the usual few processes on offer, our design clients do not have to make compromises and their designs can be produced as originally envisaged and shown off to the best effect and quality.

More information on the use of all the different printing processes, how they have developed over the centuries and the different uses they can be put to is available in our in house Wallpaper Printing Guide.

Download our full .pdf Wallpaper Printing Guide (22 pages)

We have also produced a short video explaining our capabilities and processes in more detail.