Anstey uses a very select group of, primarily UK-based, outside engraving specialists to make, or remake, print cylinders and screens.

Should it be required, we can therefore recommend engravers to our customers with whom we have already established good technical links.

During the creation of a new design or collection, our design team works very closely with both the customer and their engraver, to ensure that artwork separations are made to the highest possible standards and also meet Anstey's stringent technical criteria across all of our print processes.

Once the customer is completely satisfied with the aesthetic qualities of the separations, the design goes through a strict technical internal review at Anstey by the relevant Print Manager. This ensures that the production team are totally confident that they will be able to achieve the customer's desired requirements prior to them committing to engraving.

We can also manage the whole engraving process on the customer's behalf and actually obtain all screens and cylinders for you, although this does incur a small administration charge on top of the actual cost.