Anstey Wallpaper Company recognises its environmental responsibilities and takes great care in the sourcing of it's sourcing raw materials, manufacturing of its products and their delivery to its customers.

We run an Environmental Management System in line with ISO 14001 and have embraced The Environmental Protection Act 1990, The Pollution Prevention and Control (England and Wales) Regulations 2000, The Solvent Emissions (England and Wales) Regulations 2004 and The Pollution Prevention Control Act 1999.

Raw materials are sourced from organisations which trade ethically, are bound by environmental controls and have their own environmental management systems.

Paper base is supplied by organisations which source pulp from sustainable forests, maintained by the two largest global certified forest product certification systems. Anstey continues this chain of responsible sourcing through our own matching forest product chain of custody and we are certified by the same bodies.

Copies of our chain of custody certifications are available in .pdf form via the Forestry Products page and our BSI accredition is available here.

Anstey acts independently and objectively in environmental issues and aims to ensure the best environmental option is achieved, both locally and globally. We recycle waste inks and paper wherever possible and run tight controls over energy use in order to reduce our carbon footprint. We also have our own waste water processing plant.

We have invested heavily in our Environmental Systems and both Internal and External Environmental Monitoring is routinely carried out to ensure full compliance with environmental legislation is maintained.

  Inks and printing materials used to colour our wallcoverings
  and sourced from specialist suppliers who ensure that heavy
  metals are absent from their inks and toners.

  All inks are made from Organic Pigments and are controlled
  to a high environmental standard and satisfy all
  EU legislation. They also conform to EU REACH
  regulations and are amongst the best performing technical
  products available.

Please select the 'Environmental Policy' and 'Quality Policy'
  under this section on the menu bar  for more detail on our
  procedures and policies.