Anstey Wallpaper Company - Environmental Policy Document

Anstey Wallpaper Co Ltd is a manufacturer of high quality wallcoverings, distributing throughout the world. It recognises its responsibilities towards all environmental issues and makes this concern an integral part of its fundamental business strategy.


The Company seeks to actively reduce its impact on the environment through control of pollution, care for the environment both locally and generally, together with internal care for its employees. The implementation and support of high standards of environmental performance are in keeping with the requirements of all current legislation and applies to all significant effects on the environment. 


The raw materials used for manufacture of the Company products are sought from similarly environmentally aware organisations possessing environmental policies. There is a commitment to training and continuous improvement, minimisation of waste, recyclability of waste products and reduction of emission discharges. Wallpaper base material is sourced from countries/paper mills that have an environmental policy to forestation and a forest management system, thereby ensuring a sustainable resource without exploitation. Non-toxic polymers and pigments are used to decorate our products. Other essential materials are carefully selected for their minimum environmental impact.  Disposal of all forms of waste is carried out in accordance with legislative requirement and includes waste water after on-site treatment, waste solvents, inks and cleaning materials.


The Company encourages customers, suppliers and employees to become involved in all aspects of environmental decision making and commits itself to working closely with local authorities.


This policy is endorsed by the Managing Director and is brought to the attention of all employees, suppliers and contractors. Copies are available to the general public, customers and regulatory authorities. Overall responsibility for the implementation of this policy is with the senior executives of the Company. Meeting the environmental objectives lies with all employees and is co-ordinated by the Environment Manager.

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