Anstey Wallpaper Company has run a fully accredited ISO 9000 Quality Management System since 1994 and we strive to continually improve our products and services to meet, or exceed, our customer's needs whilst maintaining compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements.

We are committed to provide adequate resources for maintaining the quality of our products and services and Product monitoring is to provide quality assurance is routine.

As a short-run specialist providing products to the very top end of the marketplace, we are geared to ensuring that manufacturing is right first time, at low energy consumption and compliant with the performance criteria dictated by a wide range of exacting technical standards.

We are very much a customer-oriented organisation and many of our strengths have been developed through striving to achieve the very high standards required by customers at the very top end of the market. As such, pride in our performance and achievements are tangible throughout the organisation.

Product performance data is available on request, although performance is always dependent on base, ink type and print process route, so the combination of each will deliver varying standards of product performance and attributes.